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Re: Have u ever..
Oct 23, 2003
First of all I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about all of this, I know it must be really hard for you. The funny thing, well not really funny but ironic thing is I have been through all of this. Stupid perverted boys, deaths in the family, and being misplaced in a group of 3.

About the guy- I hope you are over him. He sounds so freaking stereotypical, you know? It sounds to me as if he does stuff only to impress his little friends. To say that he never even cared about you is beyond cruel. I swear if I were you I would have punched him in the face, so you must have a pretty good self control. In the future be sure to choose your guys more wisely, be sure to get to know them better before you choose to be involved in a physical relationship- and always remember, you are the company you keep. If he hangs out with a group of morons who are all about using people and doing stupid things, then take note. It doesn't have to mean that he'll be like that, but why would he want to hang out with people like that if he wasn't like that too, at least a little bit?

About your friends, have you tried talking to both of them? I have always found it extremely difficult to maintain healthy, balanced relationships in a group of three. Someone always gets left out and feels ignored. If you try talking to them and they still continue to talk behind your back and do whatever, make new friends. Seriously, I know its hard but you have to know when to let go. Even if you have known these two for a long time, some things have to end, before it gets worse and your feelings are hurt more. No true friend should talk about one another behind their back. I don't think anyone can help saying a negative word or two once in a while, sometimes that's just a part of venting off frustrations and everything, but if they are calling you names and talking bad about you constantly, drop it. Take it from a person who has been there done that.

I hope things get better for you real soon. Take care
Re: Have u ever..
Oct 23, 2003
I am really sorry about what happened it must be so hard for you; I definitely know what youíre going through. Guys can be such morons!

Sorry to say, but this guy sounds like a complete jerk. I know how you feel though. I was with this one guy for a little bit, and I eventually found out that he just wanted to get some. I eventually dumped him, but it really hurt me for a long time. Anyway, he sounds like a total a-hole, and he definitely doesnít deserve you. I know you probably think that this is a really lame thing to say, but really, you deserve better.

As for the friends, I have been in the same situation for a long time. You could either try to work things out with them, but from the sounds of it, that might not be the best option. The second option is to try and get a new set of friends, get a new start. Thatís what I did and I havenít regretted it for a minute, but in the end, itís your choice.

Whatever you do, donít let all of this get you down. I came close once and I am so glad that I didnít. I now have great friends and Iím loving every single minute. You have so much ahead of you!

I hope everything works out for the best. Take care :)
Re: Have u ever..
Oct 24, 2003
Hey, wanna hear my theory about this guy?
Sounds like he's TRYING to manipulate you into giving him what he wants.
He probably thought if he makes you feel really bad, that you'll try and win him over, and give him what he wants.
Some people are like that, they arent used to people feeling respect for themselves, so he was probably just trying to shatter your confidence, so u'll feel weak and vulnerbale enough to do what he wants.
Does this make sense?
Take in mind, this is just what my theory is by the looks of what I read from your post.

And also, people who are geniunely happy and content with themselves dont say negative bitter things about those friends of yours, and including the guy, are probably really miserable inside,even if they dont show it.
If they were happy, why would they want such negative stuff to come out of their mouths?
So really, its just a reflection on each and every one of them.

If I were you, I would take a good look inside,and realise your true worth. And leave those people behind. Don't let them feed off how bad your feeling right now.
Don't let these people determine whether your happy or not, because people are unreliable, and if your only happy when people treat you good, you'll never be truly happy.

BTW, once you leave school and start meeting more mature people, I think you'll feel better ;)

So hang on!

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