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tough situations
Oct 25, 2003
okay this is going to be reallllllllly long. im a senior in highschool and i have been in a relationship for 6 months. i love him very much,and we were friends for 3 years before we started dating. The first 3 months of our relationship was amazing, i fell in love with him so deeply..i told him everything i trusted him in everyway..then he started becoming over protected..first it was like okay he didnt want me to hang out with guys..fine i could deal with that. then he started telling me to do other things like i cant wear make up,listen to music, watch tv, talk to his ex girlfriend ( who im friends with),and i cant realy go anywhere without telling him or anything. and i do these things becuase i love him and he has a mental problem and goes like crazy when i do things he tells me not to do. now, im not allowed to have a boyfriend. i lie to my parents EVERYDAY. they suspect things so they constantly ask me questions and its hard for me to go out now. last year i was allowed to go down the shore wit 5 friends alone for a week, this year since ive been going out wit him and they dont trust me- its a big deal to like go to the mall. im not allowed to have a boyfriend becuase i was raised to be a muslim and its not allowed. but my parents dont understand that i have been living in america, all my friends are basically american and im JUST like them. im not like ur average arabic girl, im like the average american girl if u know what i mean. my boyfriend knows that my parents dont know and he constantly threatens me that if i do something messed up he would tell them everything. if my parents knew how many times i lied to them and how much stuff ive done wit my bf i think they would make me live in Palestine, the country where they are from, with my grandparents. They wouldnt pay for my college and i think they wouldnt ever trust me again. My brothers and sisters like dont even talk to me anymore. My arabic best friends dont talk to me anymore either. They all hate my boyfriend. BUT besides the "rules" he gives me he is amazing. i dont know what i would do with my self without him. my friends hate him because they dont hang out with me anymore. everyone says i have become a different person. i dont want to break up with him, and even if i had to id be in a worse situation. he really does care about me alot..and he promises that he is trying to change..he did get better..but i just DONT know what to do.

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