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i think this is what most girls do, why?! I have had som girl-"friends" in the past and recently that have liked me but i didnt pay any attention to them and now they dont talk to me or they just hate me. I mean if ur friends with someone, ur obviusly nice to them, so i guess this is what happened to me, i was too nice to them and I led them on. But then again if I know some girl likes and im not attracted to them i will just ignore them. Theres nothin that I can do, they are ugly anyway so no loss for me.
NOW, theres a girl in my class that I like...How can I go about make her know that i like her? Shes pretty but shes very quiet in class, I dont blame her its very early in the morning, im quiet in the class too and normally nobody talks. BUt whenever i walk in the room i can just tell that she looks at me and when i get up to go to the bathroom. I sit behind her, and in our lab class she now sits in front of me. When she leaves class, she walks out fast and just leaves w/out making any eye contact.
Im afraid to make eye conctact with her because i dont want to freak her out. But I just have the feeling that she likes because she looks at me all the time. You know what I mean? WHen ur ignoring a person and they are starring at you...Well thats about it. I really wanna talk to her...

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