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your welcome..

well for one, dont make it seem like you are trying to warm up to her to pop the question. just be casual. i mean she is your friend. its not like shes a girl who you want to ask out yet you arent very familiar with her.
i mean you can talk about just about anything. movies, music, tv, food. i mean the list goes on and on. when you havent seen someone in a good long while. like wether it be a week, or a month , or several months. usually one or the other has a lot to say about what they are going thru. my friend did this with me. who i havent seen in a good long time. although we chat on the internet once in a while. and she talked about her family and the events that happened to her. and she just went on and on. and i didnt really say much at all. except when i was trying to clarify what she was saying so that i could fully understand.
so you could talk about anything other than what happened when you asked her out that one time. cause if you bring that up. in saying your sorry or whatever. thats like just a bad move.cause then she might get flashbacks and freak out or the mood will just get depressing.
so either try to have her talk about something. or you talk about something that happened to you. like with family or roadtrip. or whatever. i mean as long as you can make conversation out of something. then your in good shape. or talk about work. if you both are more or less in the same field . then you know talk about how work is going for them. share any funny experiences youve had when working.

in your question about having a mutual friend there. that could work but dont do that all the time.but you know maybe at first so it wont seem awkward. but you gotta keep it just with you two for the most part. so yeah if you bring a friend along or one is present there. then yeah make conversation with the both of them. and you know just try to make things seem cool. like theres no hostile ground. theres no bad vibes . you know that sort of thing.

with the co-worker thing. if you trust this co-worker. who knows this girl that you are talking about. then you could tell them in confidence what happened. and they could even help you out there. so this way if you need back-up , then they are there for you. like if you run out of something to say or theres a dramatic pause then your backup will come in and start another conversation. i mean thats all i can think of in having someone else there hanging out with you two.

and now im not a counselor or anything. im just a guy. but i mean i listen .i can relate to many things that others have told me or things that ive seen go on with others.

so its not hard to see what you are going thru. ive basically just put myself in your place. and sort of thought things out, so all that ive told you is essentially what i would do if i were in your shoes.

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