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Will she be back?
Oct 24, 2003
First off I didnt know where else to post so i would like to appologize up front. I am 24 and she is 19. I have been seeing her for a few weeks and things have been going great. She recently broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years because, as she put it, he did too many drugs and never had a job, life, ect. Well, anyway, I told her that I would let her make the first move since she wasnt sure if she was ready for another relationship or not.
Then 2 nights ago she did it. I was driving her back to her house after our date and she grabbed my hand and so we held hands all the way back to her place. (move #1) When we got there we talked for a few minutes then did our normal hug and goodbyes. Then she kissed me on the lips. (move #2) So naturally I feel everythings going good and strong and leave on cloud 9.
Now heres where the problem starts. I call he up last night to talk to her to see how things are going and to make plans and she tells me she doesnt think she can handle an emotional relationship right now and just wants to be friends. She says shes still not over her ex and still thinks about him and stuff. Dumbfounded I just say ok, ok, ok, sure i understand, ect, to get off the phone.
So I go over to her house today, hoping it was all a bad dream. We talk for about an hour and I finally realize its over. I tell her I'll be here when shes ready, and she says she doesnt want me to wait for her cause she doesnt know how long its going to take, ect.
She admits having feelings for me and I for her so thats the reason I'm writing. I'm sorry this was so long but I had to write this to get it off my chest. My friends tell me that she will come back when shes ready but I dont know. I know its only been a few weeks that we've been going out but really, really, like her.
She says she didnt know I would take it this hard but how can I not? Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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