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I recently got a new job, and there is a guy there who acts like he is interested in me.. but I'm not sure if he acts like that to everyone, or just me. Here are some of the things I have noticed...

~ I notice him shopping at work, although not working, when I am. (Plus its not his closest store)

~ He will talk to me while I am working.. and tell me to do something, or make little jokes about how I do things.

~ Hes called me about three times, only caught me once at home just to "talk".

~ One of the other guys there told me that he thought he saw him checking me out.

~ He tends to know my schedule. (But he seems to memorize everything else)

Are these things just the way he is, and coincidence, or do you thing he could actually like me?

I just recently broke up with my boyfriend. Which this other guy doesnt know I even had.

I'd feel terrible going straight to this guy after my boyfriend. Which I'm not going to anyways. If he happens to like me... I might go for it later. But how can I figure out if he likes me, and what can I do to show that I'm interested?

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