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well for me . i mean im not exactly a pretty boy and you know i have several physical imperfections. and well girls always found me attractive because of my personality. and well to them i was cute because of the way i was. because of how i would act and stuff. not so much how i looked like. i mean im like a twig i mean im am extremely skinny and im not exactly all with muscles and everything but i mean im working on that haha. slowly but yeah. and well i mean sometimes i look in the mirror and im like UHHH im ugly! and then once in a while i look and its ilke wow! i dont look half that bad. and well its mostly your face i think that would be the first thing thats looked upon.

but like these others have said. if you believe that you are attractive because of the way you act and the way you think. wether you have a great sense of humor or you have a quirky personality. i mean if you like that about yourself . then you are attractive.

i mean yeah i see good looking people all the time and you know guys who are naturally good looking.and people who are younger . and i think to myself.. and im just like yeah i wouldnt want to be them. doesnt matter how great their life is going for them or how attractive they may seem. i wouldnt want to take away the little that ive got. its all about experiences . and ive been thru both good and bad. mostly bad. but i mean ive spent 19 years in getting to adjust to myself and now that im going into my early 20s its like im just barely starting to figure out who i am and the type of person i will become.

so point of all of this. is that if you like yourself not thru physicality but personality. like all the little imperfections and bad habbits that you have. if you like that about yourself. then screw what anyone else thinks of you. cause they only see whats on the outside. its once they get to know you if they dont like you because of your personality traits then thats when you start to worry. but i mean if you think oh im fat. im big boned. i dont have straight hair, i have to wear glasses cause im blind as a bat. or my nose is too big or my chin is crooked. i mean if you take all of that to heart then your just gonna bring yourself down. cause 80 percent of the time , you look the way you do cause of genes. cause of herditary qualities. and the other 20 percent is how you hold yourself up and how you take care of yourself.

and i myself its all about the personality. if i can get some kind of connection with a girl. wether it be a nice long conversation. or just enjoying their company. or having similar interest. then that to me makes them attractive. that to me makes them special.and well everyone is unique in their own way but its the idea of having to get to know them. many people dont take the time to get to know other people. its just them in their own little groups. so when you go on a date thats like just about the only time where someone takes the time to get to know someone else.

now for many guys and i myself admit to this. but if you dont know the girl. then like from a distance there has to be something that you find attractive about the way they look. cause of course what are the odds of you getting to like someone for their personality unless your talking to them for the first time on the phone or chatting over the internet. they are still anonymous but you know their personality.and thats one big factor as to why they have internet dating.

so guys do look for something attractive. its not necesarily if they are hot. but like for me its like the hair, the eyes, the smile, facial expressions. you know stuff like that. that id say hey that girl is pretty. but its not all about oh shes smokin hot cause she looks like a supermodel. i mean thats not really how it is. unless the guy is an a$$hole. then you know shallow guys like that. youd have to avoid.

but dont feel discouraged if you arent what you picture as the ideal woman. cause no one is. everyone has their flaws.

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