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[QUOTE=lovely.lady]Mixed signals are no fun!!! My last boyfriend sent me so many mixed signals it made my head spin. He would flirt with me, but then he told me he liked to be single, and then one time we hung out and he totally just started holding my hand and being extra physical, then he didn't call me for a few days, then like a week later he asked me out! It was so confusing so I feel your pain! Everyone is different, and they send out "signals" in different ways, so no one can really tell you if she likes you and whatever. But, what I do when I like a guy, if I don't know him I just stare at him a lot- it's really freaky but I can't help it! If I do know him, I guess I'm just supernice and happy around them and I talk a LOT. What kind of things does she say or do that makes you think she likes you? What does she say or do that makes you think she doesn't?[/QUOTE]

Well she is a really nice and caring person but that doesn't really give me any clue. She definitely talks alot so that is a good thing. I tend to be kinda quiet cause i'm not sure of what to say to her. I like her but I don't want to tell her straight up about it until she feels the same way towards me and that ways I won't get embarassed at the same time. She refers me as her friend but what kind of friend though? Does she mean a friend friend or boyfriend? Like whenever I compliment her she says like "aww your so sweet" and just like to today when she was really really sick I offered to take her to the hospital she told me that that was really sweet of me however she got some other guy friend to take her there instead. The guy is someone she works with like a co-worker so I dont' know whats the deal between them.

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