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Re: Boy hits me
Nov 9, 2003
[QUOTE=Andrew29]Connor, I'm making the assumption that you're a guy. I am too, and I know it hurts to get hit down there. But you have look at this situation. There is an OLDER male hitting and choking a YOUNGER female. The size of the kid doesn't matter. He's big enough to hit her so that it hurts. It's understandable that she takes things into her own hands (because it is high school). They're in grade 10+11. I could see if this was grade 4+5, then he may not know better. But c'mon, the guy is like 16years old. He's hitting a girl because he thinks it's a joke. She tells him to stop, but he doesn't. Kicking him in the crotch would suit him right.[/QUOTE]

if you say so. i suppose if a guy started messing with you . youd instantly kick him in the crotch and walk away proud.

i think your blowing this out of proportion. as was stated. what is being done is childish. so i dont see how kicking the guy in the junk will solve her problems.

i mean maybe you could get away with that feeling proud. but i wouldnt suggest that. and i think its wrong that you do as well. thats like a cheap shot.

but whatever you say .i wont argue on this. cause its pretty stupid.

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