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I Can Never Tell!!
Nov 9, 2003
Hi, I like this guy named Cody but well, here's what happened....i was taking a walk w/ 3 of my friends and we were walking past my friend zach's house and cody was over w/ another dude but i don't know his name so we'll call him bob. So when we came out from behind the house u know cuz we were across the street, i saw zach so i turned to my friends and was like "zach's out" and i looked back and all the sudden i saw cody standing in zach's garage and all the sudden cody waved. So we had to cross the street to get to the street we were going to and all the sudden we hear "hey!, come here!" so we looked and "bob" was calling us over so we started walking that way, and he kept saying it, so my friend alyson asked bob which one of us he was talking to and he pointed to me and alyson went "Jackie?" and he shook his head yes, so he yelled out "cody likes you too!" and cody's standing right there so cody goes and hides in the car w/ zach and bob kept calling us over. So we started walking down that street and i turn to look back at my friends marcy and lindsey and i saw cody leaving on a bike like he was trying to get away from all of this. So then when we came back to school the next day, alyson's locker is right next to cody and she asked him y he rode his bike away and he said it wasn't his bike and she asked y he rode the bike away and he said cuz he felt like going for a ride, so then alyson said so then how come u were turning red and he said cuz it was cold outside, but the thing is they were outside even before we got there. So here's what happened a week l8r in science class..this kid john started talking to cody and all the sudden john goes "do u know who likes u?" and cody goes who? so john says Jackie and he was like do u like her to? and cody said no. so i don't know if he does now. PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT!.. thanx!

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