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Please Help Me!!!!
Nov 10, 2003
My boyfriend is the best guy anyone can every ask for. I just got into the college of my dreams, but it makes me 400 miles away from him. We've been going out for a year and things have been shaky, but we've always had an open communication. I have a lot of trust issues cuz of my past. I've never really had a family, mom's been married 4 times, i've been to 11 schools because of her constant "fleeing from marriage" and her own issues with relationships, I've had 3 bad relationships of my own, including ex boyfriends cheating, lying etc. A while back I found my boyfriend lying to me about girls he's been talking online... I confronted him and he denied it.. then i showed him proof, and we talked things out and he swore he wouldn't even lie to me again. I'm just scared that the same thing will happen to me that happened to my mom and even my grandparents... it's like my whole family ends up screwed somehow. I know he loves me. Even though we're 400 miles apart, he drives to see me EVERY weekend, calls me every chance he gets and is just what every girl wants. I can't stop thinking about him, and i cry everytime i think about him.. Am i pathetic? or just so love struck?! I can't stand a minute away from him cuz he's like my only family.. my best friend. my life... He's lied a few times about stuff he's done online... but i don't know if I should completely trust him. I'm always paranoid and thinking "what if"... i always expect the worse so if the worse DOES come, I would be prepared... I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me get over this whole trust issue and reassure that there ARE decent guys out there? Guys that really don't just want sex and aren't players etc. I'm pretty sure i found one =) but i'm just scared cuz of all those other guys out there... They're getting to be pretty good at pretending till one day they drop you and u find out everything's a lie... please help! anything will do!

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