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Thank you so much about you post! Jealousy could be a reason why some of the girls are sayings stuff... I never really thought of that, you're probably right.

I'm just worried, because my mom, my tennis coach, and some of my close guy friends are saying the same thing as well. (Actually, 75% of the guys say I'm perfect, and the other 25% say I'm too skinny)... and well... those 25% are really bothering me, because these are the guys that mean the most to me, including the guy I like.

Lately, at tennis, we've been doing 200 push ups a day to work on strength. Haha, well, since I'm "so buff" I can't really do all 200 at once (more like in sets of 10, haha, kinda funny actually), but do you think something like that would help?

Sorry if it seems like I'm over reacting... I just never thought that I had a "problem" until all of these people have pointed things out... and now I just feel really bad about myself.

Thanks for your time, and any suggestions would be great! :)
Thanks for the advice! Yea, I just started eating a lot more, and started on the protein shakes. Lovely.lady, I know what you mean. I really don't know what the big deal is.

Things at school have simmered down a little bit, but they are still calling me "anorexic". However, some people at tennis are saying that I'm way too skinny.

I really don't mind if people at school call me anorexic, because I have the best friends one could ever ask for, and they know the truth, and I honestly don't care what the people at school think.

But with my tennis coach always saying that I'm way to skinny, especially bothers me, because I have live to live there with several other teens. Of course, we all know quite a bit about each other, so everyone knows that Im not but it just frustrates me so much, that my coach and a few other people who I'm not as close to at my tennis place, say things like that in front of the people at tennis I have really grown close to... it's so hard... I guess I feel some sense of betrayal because some of the people are saying things that aren't honest.

This one girl in particular, who is likes this one guy at my tennis place, but is way too young for him, is always pissed at me because I'm friends with him, and so she always says nasty things about me. I just feel like she should get over the fact that I'm friends with the guy... so I guess her saying that I look "grotesquely skinny" is normal... but when my coach says it in front of the entire group, it hurts so badly. Its so weird, just a week ago, every time Id look in the mirror, Id see someone beautiful, and now all I see is an ugly skinny person.

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