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haha yep im back. thought id take some time away from here, since theres people who keep criticizing my advice. so i thought id stay away for a bit. and plus i have lots of stuff to get done in so little time. very stressful.

and ahh yes BOB!! in every story theres BOB! at the turn of a post there he is , good ol BOB!!

BOB must be a hell of a guy! haha. in every post, the ladies are after BOB! lol

i guess i could pass as a BOB haha . ive never had an "official" girlfriend. and well, dont think theres a way to get him to say that he likes you other than being in his face. once hes gotten quite attached to you. then more than likely he will spill the beans. lol.

when this one girl had a crush on me. she would not go away haha. followed me all around. always sat by me. always harassed me. it was quite annoying. but i mean i can honestly say that she kind of grew on me. i mean it is flattering for someone to do that sort of thing. but also annoying. but like i said if you are always in his face. then hes bound to grow to like you even more than he does now. and he will get to know your personality even more than now.

and well my best friend had a crush on me too. but they would never straight out say how they felt. but they would always imply it thru flirting and talking. so i can totally understand how you cant just come right out and say that you like him. its not as easy as it may sound. so dont get discouraged cause of that. seeing as how you say you cant just blurt it out,signifies that you do in fact care about this guy because you know him quite well.

hanging out alot is good. talking and listening is a big plus. try to get him to talk about stuff that he likes. wether its something as quirky as comicbooks or action movies. or sports. or whatever. you know get him all into talking about stuff that he likes. wether you are interested in what he says or not. just hear him out and remember some stuff of what is said. and you know he will get all worked up and talk and talk about one thing. and you know have him open up even if he doesnt realize that , thats what hes doing. and yeah. thats the kind of thing you can do.
i mean its the kind of thing you can do without embarassing yourself or getting all nervous. cause if you seem all casual and stuff in being around him and flirting , then he will be like WHOA!!! haha. cause if you seem the least bit nervous then there goes the confidence. and he will hold back even more.

so stay focused and be direct. wether you come off as being bossy or whatever.

but yeah thats your choice. i dont have all the answers. just options.
Haha! You're so right; guys aren't open with their feelings at all! So far, he's come up with some VERY Bob-like and cheesy things to say... I can't help but laugh.

Once, I was on the phone with this guy named Chris who goes to Masters college, which is very Christian/Baptist college. Anyway, Chris was saying how much of a great time he was having and then he said that I should apply. I then reminded him that I was Jewish and religion wasn't a thing I wasn't looking for in a school anyway (I'm not that religious)... but of course, Chris was completely joking because he knows I want to go to an ivy... but Bob jumps up from the table we were sitting at with his friends and says, "you're Jewish?" I say, "yea, I don't look it, but I'm half."

His friends start laughing at him because it was completely random (btw, although he was born Jewish, he's atheist, so Judaism doesn't really matter to him). Anyway, he sits down, and then he says, "I wish I had a girlfriend that was half Jewish"... haha... I couldn't really say anything about it because I was on the phone, but now that I think about it... I should have said something... stupid me! haha, oh well. Haha... kinda dumb... kinda cheesy... kinda... BOB!

Nearly every time I see him with a group, he says something completely off the wall like that, and I never know what to say! But when it's just the two of us, he's completely calm and is like, "how's the weather?"...umm... ok... How do I respond to things like that!? haha...

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