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[B]Hello everyone
Im 18 years old and Im in what I think is the best relationship of my life.The guy Im with,John is so beautifully kind.Hes the first honest,caring real guy that Ive ever been in a relationship with.Weve been together as a couple for about 4 months but we were friends before we started being a couple.The way I feel for him is like nothing else,its like we have always known each other.We have such a great relationship,we dont smother each other and we both still do the things we did before we were together and were happy with that.We dont fight and we dont play those stupid relationship games that Im so sick of playing.He is my absolute best friend.I never knew what love was before I was with him,but now..he defines it more and more everyday.We both love just being together,wheather it be going out for dinner or just hanging out and talking all night.Ive never in my life been able to just talk to someone like that,not even my best friend.He always tells me how beautiful and how great Iam for the way that I treat people.He never gets jealous,he never lies and I can honestly see my future children in his eyes.Hes so much fun to be with,he has the same sense of humor as me and theres nothing that makes me happier than to hear him laugh..I could really go on all night about him.Im smiling right now just thinking about him.He always does nice little things for me,he gives me massages,he buys me my favorite drink when were hangin out,gives me flowers in the winter because he knows I love the smell of them,brings me apple juice whenever I stay over at his house and cooks breakfast for me in the morning.Were not sexually active because he knows I want to wait.

Now theres something that has come up and Im having such a hard time deciding between him and my future.

I got a job offer in a town in another province that is a dream come true.Its all I have ever wanted in a job,its not something permanent but the place where it is is nestled in the rockies and I would get to work as a tour guide taking people up the mountains.I get a very very good salary with benefits and everything else.Theres no job that could be more perfect.

I really dont know if I should go because my boyfriend cant leave because hes got a job here and I would have left already if I hadnt have been with him.I told him about this last night and he said I should go and that I cant wait around for him and put my life on hold for him.He was crying the whole time he was telling me this so I know that he really doesnt want me to go.He wasnt doing it to make me feel guilty because he kept trying to hide it from me.He recently applied to college and was not acepted and he told me last night that he was glad he didnt get accepted because he would be sad if he had to leave me.

This is really hard because I love him so much but I dont want to look back in ten years and say I wish I would have gone...

On the other hand,I dont want to break up with him and look back and ask myself why I let the best thing that has ever happened to me go just so I could have a job.He told me that "He didnt want to look back and ask himself why he let me go"

This is so hard,we talked all last night about it and we considered moving in together in september and we could both go to the college that is about two hours away from here.He said "We will wait and see how we are in our relationship and then talk about moving in together" He said he didnt want to scare me off by asking me to do that so thats why he waited so long to ask me.

So..what should I do? I really love him alot and I know that if you love someone you should set them free and we both believe that but I also believe that you need to make a relationship a priority and make sacrafices to make it work.

Any advice would be appreciated,no criticism please.Just advice.

Thank You[/B]

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