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ok i will make a long story short.

i was dating phil for 3 years. i started to loke someone else. i didnt think it was fair to phil for me to have strong feelings for another man. well i tried to ignore my feelings for this other guy, but they didnt go away. this guy kept persuing me. i fell for him. i brok it off with my boyfriend who i loved and shared so much together. i was stupid, but i am young, we are both 19. started dating when we were 16.

ok well we broke up, i thought i was in love with this new guy, i think it was all lust and sexual attration, now i think that, then i didnt. well this new guy and i started haging out all the time, and we slept together. :nono: ( i wanted to, i did at the time i guess,he said he loved me and was so lucky to be with me. he kept saying how lucky he ex never sad those things to me,but then i didnt need him to, i could tell he loved me.) well ok, i fell for it. but he still wantes to be with me, and he talkes about marriage and stuff. i do not want to be with this guy anymore. but what do i do?? i dont want to look like i used him for a booty call. i thought i really cared about him. well i do but as a friend not a lover....anyways heres where it gets complicated. my ex didn t ever party and drink when we were together, he knew i didnt like that. but sine we have been broken up, he drinks ALL the time now. but about 2 nights ago, he was at a party and he kissed a girl and slep in the same bed as her. they fooled around a little but not much, but a little. well i dont know why but i was crushed!i was so hurt, but i did worse. phil said he would wait for me forever. i am just lefish i guess.

this girl we both know, and she has been around the block a lot!!!! BUT why am i so mad?!?! i did way worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i feel like i was right cus i was dating this guy for a few monthes and phil pretty much met this girl that night!!! he slep in the same bed as her.......i dont know. well phil and i hung out yeterday, i coulndt stop thinking about him and that girl. i have not told phil about sleeping with this other man, but i have told phil that we have done everyting else. should i tell him???? what should i do?????? i do not want to be with the new guy anymore...i am so confused!!!!!!!! i want phil back, but is it only cus he did stuff with onother girl?

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