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I'm a male senior in high school... I went to one dance with a girl, but besides that, I've never had any type of female-relation. I'm thinking it would probably be healthy for me to engage in a relationship with a girl, not for sex or anything, but because I get really lonely sometimes, and wish I could talk to someone (preferably of the opposite gender). my current problem is that I'm completely uninterested in anyone, and I can't seem to find ways of sparking interest in anybody, and I know I can't force myself to like someone, but I'm sure there's someone interesting out there that I just don't know how to find, but then I'm pretty anti-social so the chances of me meeting such a person are even slimmer...

which then makes me then wonder if I should even bother with the whole dating thing in high school if it's going to take so much work. and then, can I even achieve a deep relationship with a high school girl? it still seems like a lot of the people I know aren't the type to commit to someone, or maybe there aren't many people who'd put up with my high standards. just thinking about it having a girlfriend seems so out of the picture, and having the type of relationship I'm looking for is even more farfetched, so I'm wondering if I should even bother...

any advice is welcome... even if you're just going to bash me, or something.

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