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Last year I moved to Kitchener to go to college. There was a girl from back near my home that was in the same program as me. We had never met before because she went to a different school then me but we had a lot of friends that were the same. We started hanging out a lot and I started wanting to take things further. I asked her friend what her "status" was at that point and her friend said that she had just started going back out with her ex (they had being going out on and off for a few years) two weeks prior. I left it at that and continued to be friends with her. She kept having troubles (breaking up after about a month and then started going back out with him three weeks later) with him and kept coming to me for advice. On the last day of school she came down to my room to tell me "something" but couldn't develop the courage to tell me. I played stupid and said I didn't know what she wanted to say. The next morning I checked my e-mail and it said what she had wanted to say the previous night which was that she had strong feelings for me. About a week later she broke up with her boyfriend again and we started seeing each other. I had to leave for the summer though and when I returned she was seeing someone new. Two weeks ago they broke up and we were starting to get close again but she says she still has feelings for the old boyfriend. The old boyfriend always does the same thing. He's nice to her for the first two weeks and then he slowly becomes more of an [email protected]# to her and occasionaly cheats on her and after about a month and a half they break up again. She says she doesn't know why she likes him but it has something to do with the first love. What should I do?

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