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Okay actually I was a bit harsh there but cheating is just out of control. Everyone is doing it to everyone and no one is really taking a stance against it, its something I feel strongly against, and it happens to me alot but I never sink as low as the girls that cheat on me. I just wish other guys would take the high road and start setting good examples too.

t dasj

[QUOTE=t-dash]Over all you might be a good guy, but If you weren't really a bad person you'd have had the balls to stop whatever was happening between you and the NON-girlfriend girl. How hard is it to say 'no this isn't right', You're just like all the other jerks. It takes a real guy to the right thing and pass up on an opportunity with another girl. If you like this other, closer girl you should end things with your current girl friend before trying out the closer-girl. Maybe you're just a coward and playing it safe, you didn't want to split with your current girl incase things didn't click with the closer girl. Take the risk and be a man, if you want to move on DUMP your current girl before cheating on her! You shouldn't benefit at the expense of someone else! ie. you had fun with another girl at the possible expense of hurting your girlfriend... jerk. You're just a coward, get some morals.

I'm a guy and a good looking one too so I'm bombarded with offers for casual sex or makeout sessions usually when I go out to party, but I'd never cheat no matter how badly I'd want to, its not worth hurting someone else over. Its call empathy! I'll admit its hard to pass on the offers but its the right thing to do. So change your attitude.


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