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Re: Am i wrong?
Dec 12, 2003
[QUOTE=jhart999]I don't want to sound like the worst person on the board here, but I want to know how far the pregnancy has gone and if termination is still an option. This is controversial to bring up, I know, but even if a child has two parents, they're not much use to them if they don't love one another. I mean, who's to say that you'll be happy and live together forever just because you have a baby together? It sounds like you love your ex even though you say you love your current boyfriend. Basically, it's time to be selfish and work out what YOU want. Otherwise everyone's going to be hurt, baby included. Sorry to be so frank.[/QUOTE]

Woa are you kidding me? :eek: There are plenty of kids who dont have both parents in their home who are happy!! yes that is a controversial issue and probably not one you should bring up in here!! I feel you shouldnt just marry because you are pregnant!! marry for love! you can both be there for your child even if you arent pregnant!! As for what you should do.... you have feeling for your ex but they must not be that strong if you are pregnant with your boyfriends kid.... I would probably sum it up to being in love with someone and losing them!! Like it or not you will never be able to stop loving him uinless it ended on a bad note!! you will probably end up always having feeling for him!! So move on!! just my opinion!! :bouncing:

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