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This is a cute post, reminds me of my first girlfriend, she was the one coming on too strong... the thing was I wasn't ready for dating then, I was more curious about dating than wanting to actually get action or have a relationship (she wanted to go father than simple french kissing, much father and that freaked me out real good :) yah). Anyway, sounds like you're not ready to be dating, or at least not this guy, but if you're just curious you could try it out for awhile, take it slow, and if he tries to go any father with you don't be afraid to stop him. You're at a curious age, alot of things will be awkward at first but dating is like an every day activity as you get experience and starts to feel natural, any nervous feelings that go along with it fade away over time. If you're not ready though go back to being single, there's no hurry. Oh yah and that I love you thing... don't put much thought into that... your to young to even understand the concept ;) he probably said it because he felt he was suppose to or maybe mistook the feeling of lust.


[QUOTE=godschick01]Hello Peeps,
Ok Well i am a 14 year old freshman and This is my first boyfriend. I am alittle nervous and confuzed, but dont know if i should be. This is our 2 1/2 week of "going out" and dont know wat to do. Well i will first start out with a day 1/2 of "going out".....we were talking on the phone and be4 he said bye he said I love you, well my first reaction waz to say I love you to (so i did) and that went on for about a week. I invited him over the day after thanksgiving to celebrate with us ( my family). We were in my room watching a movie and during that movie we sorta kissed (french, and first kiss) and I did not like it at all, Then i TOTALLY had 2nd thoughts about the whole i love you thing..and felt i wasnt ready. And well I dont LOVE him at all. Yes i like him and hes sweet. Another scary thing is that he made me promise never to break up with him (i know im over reacting) but I think this is all going to fast for me. I told him and he said he was fine with it, but i dont think i really even like him alot....actually i dont really know how i feel, but its not good :( .I want to like him but... i just dont. Any advice would help....plz i beg u anything.
thx-godschick01 :angel:[/QUOTE]

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