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Re: This girl
Dec 12, 2003
Hey there:) have things gotten any better? I know i was kinda confusing last night, it was pretty late:) i have a lot of the same problems as you... My thing is since reading your last post is that maybe.. ur a bit intimidated around her because she could kick your butt:) maybe its also because it seems like she could be some sort of a challenge for you and ur not used to it. ARe you more used to the girly girl types? Cuz maybe she sparked another interest of yourse, the whole sporty chick thing. I obviously say that you shouyld continue talking to her on the phone, let her know that your a bit nervous don't exactly say why quite yet just say something like" im sorry i haven't been calling lately... im kinda nervous." if a guy said that to me id be like awww how sweet!!! i mean you gotta let her know whats up.. and to really get to know her you gotta let her know that your not pressing anything, you just wanna get to know her a bit. She does seem like shes a bit nervous considering she found out by "wildfires" hehe its kind of hard to know whehter something like that is true or not considering it could be just "rumors" she might be curious to know if its true or not so you might have to step up to the plate:) I hate nervousness im pretty bad i blush all the time. Does maybe she intimidate you? Im told i intimidate guys cuz im strongly spoken but pretty shy, im a majore out doors type of girl and i love physical challenges, waring the occasional girly thing. I dunno some guys really like that. I def think that you should call her, if i was anything like her id be like ya i want him to call. i want him to let me know how he feels. I wish you luck keep us posted!! i hope this helped a little!!! -chrystal :wave:

p.s- its a good idea to maybe talk to one of your good girl friends and practice, it can help the butterfly's a bit. and butterflys are a good thing to have, it means you actually care i see it as... oh wow~! hehe good luck again

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