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I agree with the previous poster. You can't expect a teenage boy to bail you out of your unhappy life. You are 17 years old. That would make you a junior or senior in high school, right? Try to make it through this next year or two and then GO TO COLLEGE!!! When I was 17 I had been dating my then boyfriend 2 whole years, and guess what, we ended up breaking up later that year--THANK GOD!!! I know you think are a fully functioning adult, but believe me, you have a lot of maturing left to do. If you are still with this guy in 2 years, you will be in the minority of people.

And how long has your boyfriend's mom had a drug problem? Because if she is willing to let her son's underage teenage girlfriend move into her house, she must have some kind of serious substance abuse problem. What is she thinking?

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