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Re: Ready or Not???
Dec 18, 2003
Thanks for your post!

Unfortunately my parents started me a year early, and I ended up skipping 6th and 8th grades. I hate it. It's so ironic, because I'm anything but a nerd, I LOVE to have fun, and I'm so LAZY when it comes to school. I don't know what the adminitration was thinking when they skipped me!

Yea, he'd be my first bf. I'm really scared because of the fact that he might be my first one, and I'm a senior and he's a junior (he's 16, haha, he's a young'un too!). I'm also a little worried because he lives 30 minutes away, which is okay, because I'm getting my licsence next month, so I'll be doing A LOT of driving anyway, and we both see each other after school all of the time anyway.

I always thought it was weird that he never called any of the numbers because he's a really hot guy, and he can get any girl that he wants. But after getting to know him, I realized that he's very shy, and he doesn't want to start a relationship with just some random girl he met at the mall, he has to know the person for a long, long time... a year at the least... talk about taking his time! :)

I really want to tell him how i FEEL, cuz I have a limited time here in California. What do you mean by not to harsh? Maybe not as ovbvious, but obvious? Anyway, I have a physics final to study for, so I better get started on studying. Any advice would be so great!

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