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exact EXACT! same thing happened to me in high school. it definately means she likes you alot. but for her it can only go so far without getting too romantically invovled. if you can understand that.

so you are like the best friend. you are "the guy" you are her backup. you are the one she trusts, the one whos company she loves. you are her "special guy"

and i can totally see how she would rather have you as a friend than get romantically invovled with you. because it gets complex when the friendship moves on to a full on boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

but i mean , the ball is in her court. just dont distance yourself from her. cause she many want to be friends now. but a small part of her wants you as her boyfriend. but i think she prefers the concept of you being the friend, rather than the boyfriend.

and in time , who knows... maybe you guys will wind up together as a couple or maybe you will forever remain friends. either way she is a part of your life. so its a win-win situation. at least thats how ive always looked upon it as. cause if my friend were to pop the question to me. then id more than likely say why not? and just go for it.

so dont go and try to find yourself a girlfriend. just because things arent moving in the direction that you want.

cause things are going somewhere. as you describe. you guys get closer and closer everyday. when she sees you i bet shes thinking about you for the whole day. if something cool or exciting were to happen to her, youd be the first one shed want to tell. if she wants to get personal, then your the guy she will go to .

so dont think, just because she wont get involved with you now, that you are screwed. cause youre not . you are so not. you got a great thing going with this girl as of now.

so my advice to you, would be to be her friend. when she needs you. you will be there. when shes hurt. you will be there.

its obvious you like this girl. and im sure she likes you just the same. but let it be known to her. that you will always be there for her , no matter what. that youd do just about anything for her, becuase thats the kind of friend you are.

when shes ready and willing to just go one step beyond and wanna be your girlfriend. then you are set.

cause its a slight possibility that she wants to know everything that she can about you first. before moving to the next level.

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