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Hey Everyone! There is a guy I really have been wanting to talk about, and haven't gotten around to doing it. But I just got off the phone with him (it's about 12:45 AM) and I figured I would do it now and get it over with.

This guy, is Trevor. I went out with him 2 years ago, and ever since we have been pretty good friends on and off. (There has been periods of time when we stopped talking) He just broke up with his girlfriend, about a two weeks or so ago (first one since we broke up) and I was the first one he called. The night of the break up he was torn, but now tonight he tells me that he thinks "she wants to get back together with him, but he isn't really hurting without her, so he doesn't know if he wants to be with her or not." and also, "he likes her and he doesnt know why, but at the same time he doesn't" or something along those lines I believe.

So alright, two years after we broke up I still am in love with him. I think about him a lot, and in the back of my mind I always hope for another chance. Now that I have been really good friends with him, I know him a lot better then when we were together before. Since his break up, he has been calling me on an average of every other night at least.. So guys, some questions. Do you call girls this much if you don't like them? And also, do you have close girl friends you dont actually like more then as a friend?

Trevor and I joke a lot about us "doing" stuff, and just messing around.. going over to eachother's houses, going to movies.. etc etc. And a lot of times he tries to get me to sneak out of my house after curfew and go cruising with him and his brother. But we are both busy people, so I don't see him very often. I think when we joke around about us doing stuff that it's really just jokes.. but is this normal? He also knows I really like another guy named Steve, which is true, because I can't set all my hopes on Trevor again. That would be setting myself up for pain all over. If he liked me [B]at all[/B] I'm sure he wouldn't tell me.

Alright, this is long enough. Please let me know what you guys think, and any questions you have feel free to ask!! I need some opinions here :)


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