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Hey, I dunno how to really say this and all. I am 18 years old and really confused on why i do this and whats going on. I have been dating this guy for about... a month id say? But the thing is were not bf gf, even though he isn't seeing anybody else but me. Im not seeing anyone either but him, but i have asked like when were dating what does it mean and he goes were just "here" i tried having him explain what 'here" means and he says just here having fun being with each other, not caring and stuff. And ive asked him if that means we can see other people and he never answers that. what do you think he means???? But see i also have another problem. I haven't had a bf since my junior year, ive dated a ton since. and i am now a freshman in college. The thing is when i start to date a guy or such, ill really like him in the beginning. But when i get to know him ill start its like subconsiously ill look for things for me to hate and such so im not attatched to like him more. I dont know if its because im scared to get in a relationship because i don't understand it. I hate finding thigns i don't like. Could it be because my dad cheated on my mom and i feel ill get hurt? ive been cheated on to, my ex was a psycho and i have a restraining order against him. I hate this, ill seriously find someone i like but im so scared of the word" relationship" i don't know why i can't stand it, it makes me cry a lot because i feel like there is something wrong with me, and im starting to now do it with russ, the first guy i was talking about. I think im scared to really care for someone because im afraid of getting hurt, ive also never been in love and i see it all around me. I wish i had that but im so scared.. does anyone have any advice???? plz help-chrystal

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