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Iím so frustrated with this, I donít even know where to begin, but Iíll try to keep this as short as possible.

Iíve liked this guy (George) for over a year now (btw, Iím a senior in high school and heís a junior). Although we go to different schools, weíve been hanging out a lot together just the two of us. Iím getting so frustrated because I have liked George for a while now and I donít know what he feels about me.

We hung out last week, and he had asked me if I was interested in someone, and I said yes. Then he asked me who it was. Of course, I was too shy to tell him, so I didnít. :( (and Iím really regretting not saying anything). But anyway, I asked George why he wanted to know who I like. He said it because he was ďjust wonderingĒ and that I didnít have to tell him because he probably didnít know who it was anyway since we go to different schools. I told George that he knew the guy that I liked very well, and he asked who, but I didnít tell him. Then, I asked George if he was interested in someone at his school, and he said he wasnít.

I guess thatís good for me, since I know that he doesnít like anyone at his school, but I really want to know if he likes me. Heís always saying things like, ďI wish I had a girlfriend who liked (insert word here)Ē- and Iím practically the only person who likes whatever the (insert word here) is. Another thing I noticed is that he calls me a lot, but for really stupid things, like, ďHey, how are you?Ēóeven if I just talked to him a few hours earlier. Those things really make me think that he likes me, but sometimes, I donít think he does because; I donít know; I canít really explain it, he just acts weird sometimes that makes me think that he doesnít like me. Heís never had a girlfriend before, and Iíve never had a boyfriend before. Heís extremely shy, so I know that he probably wonít make the first move.

I am just so sick and tired of always wondering if he likes me or not. I really want to know. I'd rather know that he doesn't like me, than still be wondering if he does or doesn't.

I know that Iíll never have the courage to say to him when weíre hanging out, ďhey, I have a huge crush on youĒ because if he doesnít like me, I donít want to ruin our friendship. How I can I tell him without actually telling him and NOT ruining our friendship??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated guys! Thanks so much! :) Sorry if this was a little long!

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