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Whose fault?
Jan 6, 2004
Okay, say guy meets a girl he's known for several years at a party. Guy is told girl split with her boyfriend (what guy isn't told is that they got back together)... Guy ends up sleeping with the girl and making out with her all night. Girl turns out to still have a boyfriend the next day and boyfriend is very mad. Girl had made no attempts to inform guy of her true status the night before or even discourage his advances at all. Infact girl encourage the attention all the way, even taking him to HER home... Boyfriend now VERY angry with guy and blames guy... Should boy take the fall and lie saying it was all him just to cover for the girl and save her relationship?

So really, when does it become the GIRLS responsibility, its always the guys fault no matter what happens, girls arn't helpless they can speak up and say 'back off man I have a boyfriend' but that doesn't seem to matter. Does the boyfriend have any right to blame and hate the guy if the guy didn't know (Guy wouldn't step on another guy's toes just to get a lay, had he known). I suppose one could argue the guy could have asked more questions to the girl and not just assumed the girl was still single... but really shouldn't it be the girl's responsibility to speak up about her status, and not wait for the guy to ask?!?

Blame always falls on the guy though

ah..yah, this happened to a... friend... heh ;)

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