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[QUOTE=yellowcard 017]I didn't read any other replies really, but check it out.... Have you ever seen Dhrama and Greg the show? Spiritual girl, with not a lot of money, going out with a rich kid? That's how it's pretty much, anyway I always seem like I go for the rich girls too and Im punk.[/QUOTE]

okay that has to be one of my favorite shows! Go for it like I said there is no law all it comes down to is how BOTH of you feel!! just be prepared for people to look at you different because they do. Whether we like or not or agree or not it is SO true so just go for it and see what happens.

This reminds me of a short story I read in Chicken soup for the tennagers soul..... a guy had a thing for the most popuar girl in school and he wasnt popular by any means. Well she would walk with him to class and eat lunch with him and stuff but when the weekend came he didnt ask her out. Well they stopped talking and graduated and that summer when he was working at a mall the girls best friend came in and he asked her how the girl was and she said "well she got over you. That was real cruel for you to treat her liek that. She thought for sure you would call and ask her out that she sat by the phone all weekend waiting for you." Anyway at the end he says this "I learned a big lesson today: I should have asked her because what did I have to lose? Worst case scenario I wouldnt get a date with her, Well guess what? I didnt get at date with her anyway."

GO FOR IT what do you have to lose he can say yes or he can say no but if you dont ask you will never know~

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