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Recently, A guy I have had my eye on for some time asked me out.(You see, I was planning on asking him out the very next day.) Then, I start hearing roumors hes going to break up with me, when we havent even been goin out 24 hours! I ask him on the phone later that night, and he just says dont listen, because they arent true, and I love you. I felt a lot better and the next day at school I was relieved to know I could tell everyone the roumors werent true. But then, right before lunch, one of his friends comes up to me and says, "He dosn't want to go out with you anymore." and then a friend of his(girl) says to me"You guys were still going out an hour ago?? He asked me out and I said yes!" Well, I was pretty upset with him! You can only imagine, the relationship lasted 44 hours! So I got over it, and just a few hours later there we are talking on the phone again(while hes going out with this girl.) And everything seems fine. The other girl broke up with him the next day(because she was more my friend than his.) and then he called me later that day and said "I want to ask you something" and never got around to it. He kept saying Hey Candace.. Like he had a question but would never say it, so I finally stopped bugging him about it. I was flirting with him about a week after we broke up and hewas really flirting back and we talked on the phone almost 2 hours almost every day, and then the other girl walks up and he stops flirting. When she leaves he said, I dont want her to break up with me again...Were going out.. He just gave me this really sorry face and all, and I really did like him, so...what do I do? I know they will break up in a day or two, because he told me he dosnt really like her like a girlfriend, just a friend...So should I ask him out or not? I really was looking foreward o going to the V-Day dance with him and I think he would day yes to going with me, But I dont know about it..I need someones advice!


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