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Ok, here is my advice:

1) stop staring at her all the time. As a girl with stalkers trust me, it gets creepy. You have to remember that girls have a lot more to worry about than guys do. Guys don't have to worry about rapists and date rape drugs. now, I know you're not going to date rape her or w/e, but I'm just saying that girls are in general a lot more cautious around guys than guys are around girls. So constantly staring at her is just going to freak her out because a) u said you don't even know her that well and b) she's just gonig to think you're a scary stalker. which I'm sure you aren't and I'm sure you're a nice guy.

2) GET to know her! Of course shes going to say no to you when you ask her out... she doesn't even know you! The same thing happened to me. Some dude asked me out 6 times and i didn't really even know her. Do you two talk ever? Why don't you try talking to her, just friendly conversation. And don't ask her out at the end of the conversation, because then she'll be too scared to talk to u in the future. Just go up to her before band and say "hey what's up?" or "do you have mr. ______ for history? he's such a moron! he did blahblahblah." one good tip: MAKE HER LAUGH! girls love the funny guys. say something funny (bot not obviously funny, like you're trying to hard, like don't tell her a joke cuz that's just stupid) just say something sarcastic or funny. trust me, works everytime!

3) give her some space for a while. And expand your horizons to other girls, cuz chances are she is stuck up like her cousin said. plus, if u flirt with other girls, she might get jealous and be more eager to talk to you. even if she doesnt like you, shes probably flattered that you like her, and if you start showing attention to other girls, she'll get jealous. then she'll be more apt to talk to you.

After you get to know her, try asking her to the dance. Don't ask her out yet... If she says no to go to the dance with you for a lame reason (like she just doesn't want to go with you) than give upcuz shes stuck up. if she says no for a good reason, like someone already asked her or she cant go anyway cuz her mom wont let her or something, then dont give up quite yet (although, it could be an excuse, you always risk that possiblity). and if she says yes than good for you! the end of the dance, during the last slow song, would be a perfect time to ask her out. if she says no then, just let it go and realize that you two should only be friends. one time a guy asked me out after I was his date to a dance, and I honestly just wanted to be friends. but he didn't get the hint and he kept asking me out, and it started to freak me out so blocked his screen name on AIM. so don't try too hard cuz it may freak her out.

But remember, GET TO KNOW HER! And once you get to know her you may realize that you don't really like her, or she may realize that you're a terrific guy.

so theres my advice. I suggest you use it because I am a girl and I know what it takes to be won over by a guy! good luck!

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