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[QUOTE=Kylie1]Right now there is a freak after me. He is ugly, fat, boring and has more in common with a peanut than me. For some reason he likes me.

This story starts last year when he asked me out. I never really talked to this guy unless I asked to borrow his ruler or something, but one day out of nowhere he messages my mobile (how he got my number I do not know) and pretty much confesses his love for me.

I said no, and luckily it was a new semester and our timetables were changed so I had no classes with him. All was fine until the start of this year. I was out with a bunch of friends and I saw him. I casually said hi as I walked past (I figured it was rude to ignore him) and in hindsight it was the worst thing I ever did.

Since then there has been endless phone calls, messages, and has even got my home phone number which creeps me out. He keeps asking me to come over to his house, to go to the movies, go to a resteraunt etc. and I just don't want to. No matter what excuse I make, he will call back and ask me again. If I don't answer my mobile he will call my home number and we don't have caller I.D. so it's a problem. He puts me in a position where I can't say no, and when I do say no he either gets really mad and puts me on a guilt trip, or asks me if we can do it another time. He is a complete pervert and calls me and asks me very personal question about sex and all of those "naughty" topics. He always bugs me about my male friends because he doesn't like them (he does have good reason to but he shouldn't be deciding who my friends are). These phone calls and messages are almost every day. The only reason he doesn't pop up at my house is because I've told him that my father doesn't like me having male friends and he would kill him if he came over.

I'm sorry this is long but I don't know how to get rid of him. I am usually a very assertive person, but he scares me so much with his obsessivness that Im too scared to say anything ya know.[/QUOTE]

First thing I would do is tell him you dont want to talk to him or see him ever again. Be firm about it he cant hurt you over the phone or in a big crowd. If he starts doing the guilt trip tell him you will not feel guilty. Tell him he creeps you out and you want him to leave you alone. If that doesnt work threaten harassment charges and then go immediately to a school counselor. If you have a school cop I would go to them as well tell them he is scaring you and harassing you and that you want him to go away.

I know that they can be scary trust me I have had a few like him. they are over dominating and can get very obsessive and possessive. If you wnat to be friends with him tell him that if you dont then I suggest getting away from him. Also if he calls your phone and you dont answer and then immediately following that your home phone rings that would almost be a guarantee that its him so just ignore the phone or tell your family to tell him you are not home if he calls. You also need to immediately tell your parents about this!! The need to know and let anyone else that you know that is close to you about it. Mostly, so if he ever does try anything or if he ever does hurt you he will be the one they look at first.

Keep a journal of everything and even try and record some conversations. if you have an answering machine you can let that pick up before you answer usally it will record if you wait until after the beep to answer. Also dont ever go anywhere alone with him!! Stop telling him your personla life and hang up when he starts with the sexual and personal questions.

hope this helps

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