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Sorry, this MAY be a bit long, but id appreciate it if u read it thank you if u do! and if u dont... thanks anyway

Im a 16 year old guy, and i am not very confident about myself. I can talk to most girls with no problem, but if i like them, or am attracted to them, then i become SO very self consious and try to plan everything i do, everything i say. Sometimes i get a confidence boost, and i feel great.

Well anyway, whenever there is a girl i kind of like, or am attracted to at least a little, i am always so afraid of them finding out or getting the hint. If they do, then i avoid them as much as possible and i try to act very disinterested in them. I have no idea why i do this, but it annoys me.
There is a girl i like right now, my friends kept teling her that i liked her as a joke (they dont know), and now i try not to give her any sort of indication that i like her. Before that happened i was fine, i could talk to her easily and felt very confident about ymself around her.

This always happens, and now whenever im around her i notice everything about myself, become so selfconsious about how i look and how i talk and how i act. I guess one of the reasons im afraid of girls knowing i like them because i think that they will stop talking to me and being rejected.

Im a pretty good looking guy (not being bigheaded or anything, sorry), lots of girls have liked me, especially older girls, and i have no trouble around girls that i KNOW like me, its just the girls whom i dont know how they feel about me.

I HATE THIS, i hate being self concious, it makes me notice every fault about myself, real or imagined. And i hate these confidence lows and girl phobias.

Anyone have any ideas why i feel this way, or what i can do about it, or any advice? if u do.. please reply, because i cant stand myself anymore.


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