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Reading my story will probably help you out :) I went through the exact same situation two years ago with my current bf. We met in a hospital (we had the same surgery on our knees) and talked a lot and decided we liked each other as friends (little did we know we liked each other more than that - hehehe). He used to joke about leaving the hospital "hand in hand" together and body checking me if we went skating together. He did body check me, lol. I also noticed that the occupational therapist there would ask him if he wanted to play a sport and he'd say no, and then when she'd ask me he'd change his mind and want to come.

After we left the hospital we met up a few times and he started to act a bit weird - asking me a lot of questions and stuff about my ex-boyfriends, sex (we're adults! 20-24 at the time), and a lot of other stuff. But then I couldn't figure out if he liked me - I became highly distressed and pulled away from him. He had no friends because he was in the hospital for so long so I figured he was just desperate for a friend. He even hit on this lesbian at the hospital - knowing that he'd reject her (later I found out to make me jealous). He then started seeing some other girl not too much later and it broke my heart. She had asked him out.

2 months later they broke up and I figured that I had to say something right away, no more head games, no more any of that garbage. So I told him straight up - he didn't say anything, he just kissed me. He had always liked me. Ever since then we've had a great relationship.

You could either ride it out and just see if he says something or just tell him straight out how you feel. But if he doesn't feel the same it can risk the friendship that you two have. Then again, it might not. But not telling him and he might think you don't like him and find someone new. These are the two risks you are going to have to take.

Him hanging out with you a lot and asking you questions are VERY good signs, especially if he asked you who you like. LOL I should've tried that in the beginning!

Try this : Tell him you really like a guy but you're too shy to tell him. See his reaction. Ask him if he's ever felt that way before. If he says yes, then he's probably shy. Boys and men at ANY age are afraid of rejection.

If he gives you any more signals that you aren't sure of post them here and we'll tell you what they mean.

Good luck. I know how hard this is, hon.

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