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I'm Jill, and I'm going through the same thing. My boyfriend was very controlling and used to hit me too. He also goes to my school and he was chasing me around and wouldn't leave me alone. He even chased me on ski-doo last weekend and scared me almost to death... I've hardly gone to school at all this week, but when I did go yesterday morning, I overheard him lying about everything that had happened, saying that I was the bad one... I left after being in school for 20 minutes...

You know what is the best thing to do? GO TO THE COPS. I just met with them an hour ago and gave them my statement. Now, my ex can't come with 100m of my home, and if he even says "Boo" to me in school I am to call the cops. They're probably even going to charge him with assult, stalking and verbal abuse. I think you should definitly contact the police, even if they just scare him away from you. There's obviously a problem if you're too scared to go to school. That's how my dad knew he had to go to the cops. And make sure you tell your friends all about it because it's good to have a good support system of friends. Never go anywhere alonge either if you're afraid of him.

And about his friends. The simple fact that they're his friends means they're idiots. If they were smart like you, they'd leave him too. I suggest you try to ignore it (although I know how hard that is because it sent me home crying).

Make sure you have somebody to talk to at all times, and remember YOU'RE STRONG. You were strong enough to leave him and you're strong enough to get through this too. You see he's still abusing you even though you're broken up. He's got you hurting too much to go to school. He needs to pay for this. I wish I could go kick his A**!!

I hope you feel better,

Love Jill

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