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Re: Confused
Mar 15, 2004
[QUOTE=irene821]ok i need some help... theres this guy ive known for about a year now, we're not friends, but we talk online and stuff. he doesnt have a girl friend. last year he was one of the big men on campus, until he left school. im not at school either, but i go up and visit when i get a chance. when ever i see him, hes allways staring, and once eh came up to me and elbowed me in the back and stood behind me, like he wanted me to talk to him. and another time when we were out, he stood there the whole time watching me, til he went and danced with some girl, he looked over and gave me a little snicker, like he was trying to get me jealous. my best friend told me he was giving me sexually frustrated looks.... i just dont know what to do, and i cant talk to him, i dont know why, its weird. i want him to know that i want him. i talk to him, like on AIM, and once or twice on the phone, but he has this wall up and dont want to let anyone in. and its weird, cause he believes anything i say to him,and he almost got in a fight with someone cause i told him this other boy was talking about him. what should i say to him to let him know that i really like him, and want to hang out, or something more? i would appreciate any help. thanks.[/QUOTE]

By him elbowing you could be a sign of flirting or just joking around. It kinda sounds as if you both like each other but to shy to share that information with each other. One of you though needs to make a stand and let your feelings out before they die out.

In this case it doesn't sound like he will. So you need to make the next step. It makes sense to do it on AIM if that all you guys talk on but it can be kinda lame.

Next time you talk to him invite him to a coffee or something. Coffee is a very innocent way of hanging out and you both can get to know each other. Determine at that night if you want to discuss your feelings or wait till you both see each other.

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