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I was thinking she was just a little shy + uncomfortable being alone so asked a few friends alone, dunno it's left open to interpretation. I don't know if you resolved this already because I stopped reading at page 8 =P

Anyways here are some detailed hints on how to get a girl =D

* [U]Dress Nicely[/U].
keep in fashion like baggy pants or what not but not TOO baggy and such. Red + khaki's always works. Jeans = bad.
in my experience with women they usually hate it when you act completely different around them as you would around your friends. A big problem with relationships and such is that the guy or girl has two personalities, one they use around the opposite sex, and one that they use around everyone else. That = bad. When you act normal they feel more comfortable. Just try to tone down the vulgarity and perverted jokes
* [U]Niceness = good, humor = better.[/U]
Being nice is great, but you have to be interesting. Tell some jokes, have an interesting hobby (Mine is creating pick-up lines =D] What you do is have that kind of (horrible word coming up) cute personality and charming sense of humor. Like memorize some cheesy pick-up lines and say them to her every so often like... "Ouch, my tooth hurts!" "why?" "Because you are so sweet!" or something like that. Be sure to make them so incredibly lame that they are funny, and try to mean it when you say them. Another good one is "If you were a laser you'd be set on stunning." You can use my original one if you want, guaranteed to get a number....(you have to have the right personality, and have a history of pick-up lines with this girl for it to work properly) "If I were to go to prison I would use my one call on you, just to hear your tantalizing (lovely, beautiful, w/e) voice again, but the thing is... I don't know your number...
* [U]Be secure with your masculinity[/U]
This goes hand in hand with humor. I guess you have to have the right kind of personality but women typically find it very amusingly funny when you say something like "WOW, those are some nice abs!" while you're watching a movie or a play or something. Also saying things like "VIGGO MORTENSEN IS HOT!!!" (which he is) always works.
* [U]Charmingness/Debonair/Sweetness/Whatever you want to call it[/U]
Also known as a personality, this is a must trait. A lot of things make up the first two so if you are it good job! To be charming you have to have a sense of humor, you have to be nice, have respect, and basically be a great person. If you are fun to hang around they are more likely to want to hang out with you more, alone.
* [U]Self Esteem[/U]
Self-esteem is quite important. Don't be shy to do or say anything, remember to act the same way you would around one of your friends. Don't hold back any urges inside of you, unless they are vulgar or something. Something that usually works once those inhibitions kick in is saying to yourself "ah what the hell, just do it anyways" and do whatever you were holding back from. Don't be afraid to be random or anything and start singing Backstreet Boys all of a sudden (Show me the meaning, of being lonely... is this the feeling, I need to walk with... Tell me why, I can't be there where you areeee. theres something missing in my... heart)
* [U]Your whole persona overall[/U]
Be funny, nice, sweet (if it's your personality) ALL the time, if she catches you sometime when you are helping a friend out with homework, cracking jokes with other female friends it'll be that much better. You never know who is watching.
* [U]A hint of feminism[/U]
Yep. Know what matches, know what looks good on you, know what looks good on her. It'll be that much easier to do things like shop together. Also it helps you be more of yourself around her.

DISCLAIMER: Yeah I typically use all these things and once you do you'll find it VERY hard to open up to ANY guys at all, and maybe even feel awkward around them just talking about nothing. This past year when i've adopted most of these things I really don't like hanging out with my old guy friends anymore (except playing Halo :) ) You'll want to hang out with your girl-friends a lot more then the guys and ditch em a lot.

Have fun.

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