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alright all of you 5'11" -6' guys out there this is a question for you...

i am 14 years old and 6ft 2in. tall and yes i am a girl and yes i know that is really tall.... but would any of u guys date a girl that is taller than you... because that is my problem i am taller than this guy i like and i think he wants a shorter girl.... is that how guys think.... is that what they want is girls shorter than them??? do tall girls scare guys??? or what???? What kinds of things do guys look for in girls??? ( i dont care if ur answers are shallow) i just want to know...

But this other guy i like is taller than me!! he is 6ft 4in and i am not sure if he likes me because he calls be big Johnson because i am so tall ( i am not fat but i could be thinner but who couldnt!!) so i know that he isnt making fun of me... or is he???? what do u guys think??? he doesnt sound like it but i dont know if he likes me how can i find out if he likes me with out asking him??? is there certain things that you guys do or say that means you like someone with out telling them???

thanx for any replies

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