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Hi. I am currently in my first year of high school, and I got a problem. There used to be this guy in the first semester who used to have the same class as me (computer programming... what a horrible class that was), but in a different period. He lacks basic social skills and is looked down by the nerds in our school. Myself, I have good social skills, have many friends, and am not a geek (although not a jock either, although i get along with them). The only reason I know him is because I used to ask him for all the answers to the questions (thats how i got a 95%... i know it's wrong, but still). My problem only started when we got put in the same Math class together.

At first, I thought the guy was sorta normal. Then, one day, I realised that he was kinda odd. In class, he would talk to me about quantom mechanics and how it is so cool and tell me about the wonders of science. I told him how much I hate science and asked him not to talk about it, but he still keeps talking about it!! He would also ask me about programming and he would ask if I would like to participate in a "programming challenge" (make a computer program, first one to complete wins.... its very stupid i know). I have REPEADEATLY told him that i do not like programming and that I have no interest in that, but HE STILL TALKS ABOUT IT WITH ME, with him asking me repeadatley to fix his stupid f*king java program. I remember once I bombed my unit final cause he wouldn't let me study before the test, instead asking me questions about this stuff.

What annoys me the most is that he thinks that WE ARE BEST FRIENDS!!! He is like a leech that DOES NOT LET GO!!! He has no other friends, and he thinks that I am his friend (he is wrong). One time, I was catching up w/ some homework for business class. He followed me all the way from my locker to the classroom, and wouldn't shut up (he kept on asking me questions such as "what are you doing? why are you doing this?"). Also, once, when I bumped into him in the hallway, i tried to avoid him by saying that I had to go see my phys ed teacher. I thought I ditched him, but when I came back up the staircase, he was waiting there, asking me how everything went. As you can tell, he acts very akward around me. He keeps on wanting to play calculator games with me, he tries to act funny (he fails) and tries to catch my attention and keeps on asking me if I want to go eat pizza with him for lunch. Every single one of my friends around me and I mock him (even in front of him!!), but he still doesn't get the idea!!

Everyone who sits around me feels sorry for me as I have to put up with this s*it every single day. I talked to two friends who sit near me and went to the same Jr. High as the guy, and I asked them how to get him to leave me alone without hurting his feelings. They didn't know how. I'm a very patient man, and I don't get angry a lot, but he is really p*ssing me off. I want to tell him to leave me alone nicely before I just lash out at him and really hurt his feelings (make him cry... apparently he's done it before).

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thank you very much!!!

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