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And now...the dreaded point of view of a PARENT!!!! RAWRRRRRR!!!

Let's address this bit by bit. I'm a mother of a son and a daughter so I can see it from both sides.

Now when I was young I remember my parents being VERY harsh with me and I could never understand why because infact I was a good girl. I gave no trouble, abided by most of the rules etc. I asked my dad why when I was about 18 and he said "because girls are like she-cats, they bring the troubles to the door step"....meaning in loose crude english....that it's ok for your bf's parents to say do what you want but be careful because if he was to 'do as he wanted' let's be fair its going to be YOU who might end up pregnant etc and basically what I am trying to say is that your parents know what goes on in the mind of a young boy (and its not only complicated - at times its freaking alarming!) and they are forever trying to stand in front of you to avoid any potential problems they can foresee....hence 'strictness'.

I'm very strict with my own kids (although I swore I would never be) and sometimes yes my kids do hate it too. I have a bit of a reputation amongst their friends and possibly most of them don't like me because I run a very tight ship and whilst I allow for immaturity I do not stand for disobedience, disrespect or downright stupidity. I try to drum into my kids there are two ways to live life...the right way or the wrong way and it's easier to adopt the right way NOW rather than to make several mistakes which may take years to put right. Ok you can argue kids need to learn certain things in order to experience them. But I don't want my kids to experience pregnancy, drugs, prison and such, so therefore whilst they live under my roof they live MY way.

Your boyfriend won't go insane it's just he's simply frustrated that your mum and dad can possibly see through him. Young girls like yourself are so dreamy, innocent and idealistic. I was too. They probably see the lusty looks he gives you or sometimes feel he is taking you somewhere they wouldn't approve of. Maybe not exactly these things...but you see my point?

You are at a stage where both of you have hormones on overload and sorry to say not much commonsense. As much as you think so now you may think you love him today but I guarantee you'll hardly remember him at 20! By then he'll be just another number in your past.

If he is older than 18, then he kinda needs to accept the fact that he's dating someone underage and all the crap that goes associated with that. Otherwise date someone over the age of 18 so he avoids it. He's young yes, but kinda needs to grow up. Sorry.

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