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I agree with everything said so far...don't let guys judge by looks, and don't you either. If you ask me, personality is the main thing, about 99% while looks stands at about a 1%.

I'll share my experience with you too. I am not a normal girl; I wear guys' clothing and I do some pretty crazy things. If you judged me by my looks, you would think I'm a really bad girl, but in all reality, I'm far from it. I don't drink, I don't do drugs, steal, look for sex, or anything else people my age like to do. I am very very shy and not that attractive, and because of all these traits I figured no guy would ever like me for me because I was not "normal". When I started my freshman year, I thought a lot of guys I saw were cute...not "I want to date them" cute, but just cute in general (I only had one guy in my 8th grade class and 11 girls so high school was like a new window being opened up to me :D).

By my sophomore year I didn't really think about guys, but about a week into the year I developed a huge crush on a guy in my Spanish class, and it lasted all year and into the summer. But I never dared to even contemplate asking him out because I was hideous and while I didn't fear rejection, I feared being laughed he would say "Why would I want to date something as ugly as you!", so I just let it go. And then I also found out he had a girlfriend, so then I really tried to quit liking him but it was no use; I had eyes only for him.

Like I said, I thought about him all summer, and then he began talking to me on AIM a lot, and I wondered why out of the blue he was talking to me...a week later he asked me out. At first I disagreed...I had no idea how to react!! I had never been asked out before! And I knew what happens between most high school couples after a bit of dating...they warm the sheets up and I feared he might try to force me into something, because I know while he was definitely different from most guys his age, all guys have a couple things in common. But after he annoyed me to my wits' end for three days, I agreed.

And let me tell you...his personality was MUCH MUCH different then what I thought it to be last year...I thought he was a major pervert, but he's very kind and compassionate, and he wasn't out looking for a piece of a** either. We found out we had a lot in common after we talked for a while and we've been going out for almost 8 months now and I know I can fully trust him that he won't do something crazy.

So sometimes you have to speak up, because I guarantee that if he hadn't asked me out I would have still pined over him this year too. But you should also wait for someone to discover you. You see, the more normal you are, the higher chance there is you will find a run-of-the-mill guy. But if you are different, it's harder to find a guy. But you will, trust me. If you or anyone else acts differently, don't try to change, because if a guy likes you for YOU and not your looks, then he's definitely a one in a million find. Being different is a good thing.

But my best wishes to you! Mr. Right is definitely out there! :)

Dark Stranger

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