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Heh, you sound like me. Im a sophomore too, and the only guy Ive had ask me out was someone whose goal is to have sex with every girl on campus (okay maybe not- but it seems like that). Hes a nice guy, with a cute face, but I stayed awaaaay from hin. Tho thats besides the point. We are so young. We still have half of high school to go through, and college (or wherever). Personally, Im not comfortable dating now. I dont really know why, but it doesnt seem right for me at the moment. However, I do have guy friends. At this point in our lives, I think its more important to have good friendships than 'romantic' relationships (for lack of a better word). Another thing- My oldest brother didnt have a dingle date through all of high school (none that I know of anyway :p ) but now hes happily married at 23. Even though he didnt have dates, he had female friends. I think that 'friend' relationship between the opposite genders is more helpful in finding someone to marry, because you are friends with people you are compatable with and that accept you and all your quirks. And all of those other things that come along with friendship. When you date, you are more focused on the sensual love relationship, not the kinds of things that would make a successful marriage. Cus you date to find someone to marry, as far as I can tell. Unless theres something that Ive missed in my 16 years of life. Wee horray for typing a lot. *falls asleep*

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