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ok this is going to be kinda long but i really need advise on what to do.

diana, heather, and i have been like a team since the begining of this year. we did everything togther and always hung out. well, untill heather went to florida (as she always does) for winter break. during that time diana and i got closer togetherr and have become best friends. when heather came back we noticed she had changed and this change is what we are arguing about now.

well, for a long time after the trip she would get text messages form some guy she met at florida and it was ok for awhile until it got way out of hand. now heather is the type of girl who is insecure about her looks and weight (considering her family has bad genetics, she looks pretty good). she became so absorbed with this boy in florida that she would abandon her school work and friends just to talk to him. i mean, we'd all be hanging out togetehr and she's on the cell with him or is text messaging him. this all stopped when he finally told her that he found someone else and needless to say she was depressed.

at this point diana and i were pretty upset with her attitude and had been talking about it b/w ourselves for weeks and weeks, we were afraid of letting her know b/c she also is too sensative and would overreact and of course tell EVERYTHING to her parents. well, once again at school she is sulking over her bad test grade and grade in the class that i decided i couldnt take it anymore. so that noght online i told her that she was lazy and needed to get over it and focuse more on school. she lashes out claiming "you dont know me or my life" and i was deeply hurt by this. for the longest tiem after that she would make jokes about what i told her to diana and never addressed to me that it was such a big problem to her. so eventually i apologized for what i said, although i stand by it, yet thigns continued to get tense.

soon she left me out of the picture and glued herself to diana, making her very angry b/c heather would make her feel bad if she wasn't invited to anything diana did. she could care less about me. well, diana and i decided to keep our distance form her till she straightened up and we hoped that tiem would heal all. it didn't. she again lashed out at me online and i told her that we shoudl all calmly discuss this later. so the next day at school i tried my best to talk to her and get diana to talk to her; and i mean i REALLY tried. but in 1st hour we didnt talk to her till the end of class, at least me, and she yelled at me claiming that "oh NOW you wnat to talk to me?" and i tried to explain to her but she jus kept making me look liek the bad guy. she did this again in the next class and i was furious. but i still tried to show her i want to be friends by claiming to have my cell ring during class instead of hers. i found out later that day she made amends with diana but never me.

so i went on for weeks pretending thigs were ok but she kept ignoring me and trating me like a dog. so i ignored her again and of course she notices and asks me, in the same clas she lashed out at me, if i was "mad at her". i didnt respond, i just turned to talk to someone else. i noticed that later she was writing a note and i assumed it was for asking why i was angry. at the end of class she gives the note to diana, askign if she was angry at her. and well since then i've continued to ignore her and she hasnt made any attempts to make up with me. :(

so my questions are:
1) should i try again to be the one to make amends or just drop her as a friend (im really sick of all this)

2)how much should i tell her? the wholetruth b/c i dont think she can handle the truth

SORRY THIS WAS REALLY LONG! if you need anymore info about this let me know, this was the "cut down" versio

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