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I've never had any specifications because, up until I found out someone cared about me, I never wanted a boyfriend. But, if I had to decide, I would say that personality is all that mattersI never look at appearances because I don't exactly have an hourglass body and skin like a baby's bottom (I look like a fat stick with high socks and glasses XD)...but if you're one of those personality people and your boy/girlfriend or crush also happens to be a cutie then that's really cool too. :D But if you find someone who really truly and deeply cares about you and can honestly say "I love you" (which a lot of teens can't say that HONESTLY), then you have the whole world. You've got a priceless treasure and you can't lose that. I swear, I have never EVER known a guy who is nearly as caring and compassionate as my boyfriend. I've pissed him off so many times and made him feel bad and he still treats me so wonderfully; I don't quite understand how he still loves me after I hurt him so much (emotionally), but he manages to, and I love him for being so impossibly understanding.

But if you find someone that you know would love you so much that they would die for you, then you don't need anyone else. You've got something irreplacable if you have someone like that.

Dark Stranger

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