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Trust issues
Apr 24, 2004
I'm 19 and I've been with my girlfriend for a little more than a year and a half. We recently got an apartment together and have been running to some problems, which I knew would show up eventually. I've never had a relationship before this one, shes been in a couple but nothing very long term. The biggest thing that we have fought about recently is how shes been talking a lot to one of her friends from high school. This friends a guy that she was pretty close with in high school and even told me she had a crush on. He called her about a week ago and since then they talk on the phone 3 or 4 times a day sometimes for more than a half an hour, and its been really hard to trust that hes "just a friend". I always feel like shes hiding something from me now, whenever they talk she always goes into the other room or tells him she talk to him later. It's like she doesn't want to talk to him in front of me, and when I said something about it she just says that she should be able to have her privacy when she talks to her friend. What I dont understand is why she makes such a big point of not letting me hear what she says. She says that I should trust that she wont leave me for someone else and all of that stuff, but I wish it was that easy. Lately I think about her a lot and it seems that I think shes hiding something from me a lot. I noticed that I do kind of check up on her at times. I guess my question is how can I deal with this, I want to be able to trust her but its hard when I feel like shes trying so hard to keep something from me. It also makes me wonder how much she cares about me anymore, sometimes it feels like she spends more time talking to him than to me, and we just dont do all the little things that we used to do together in the beginning. I just need how to get through this, because I always hear that lack of trust is the downfall to a lot of relationships but its not as easy as just telling myself to trust her.


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