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Hello everyone I have a major problem with this guy that I am in love with.

I am 18. I have known this guy since i was about 13. He is 17 almost 18 now and we used to date or just talk over the phone. I never saw him until like 2002, we just talked over the phone....kiddy stuff. He come over my house quite a few times and everytime we kiss and we fool around sometimes. Everytime he comes over here he always brings his guy friends for some reason....he come over here once by himself. I Love him so much though. He tells me he loves me to but I dont believe he does. Everytime he calls me or comes over my house he only talks about sex mostly. I am a virgin and I always told him I wanted him to be my first, but I decided to wait until I was married, I guess thats why he always talked about it. All he wants right now is I think sex from every girl. He will do it with just about anybody. I did give him oral sex in November 2003, and that scared me because of HIV. He told me he wanted to marry me one day and that he wanted to have kids with me. He tells me he loves me and I tell him that I dont believe him and sometimes he will laugh and other times he says he really does. I do think he has feelings for me because he kinda gets jealous but he doesnt come right out and say it. I was sitting beside his cousin one day, and we used to like each other, he come and sit in between us and started holding my hand and stuff. He called me the other day while I was on the phone to my now boyfriend and he asked me who i was talking to and when i told him he said tht he thought he was my boyfriend and before we hung up he told me he loved me. I think he doesnt want me but he doesnt want anyone else to have me either he just come out and say that. I asked him when me and him were going to be together for real and he said that we would be but he never said when. Now he is in trouble with the law and he could get some prison time but i dont think he will. I love him so much...I put up with alot from him and he only calls me when he wants some or he is bored. I dont know how he really feels about me, I wish i did though. He is hard to read. I love him, I just wish i knew what to say to him for him to be with me. The other day when I said he called me and at the end he told em he loved me ...he was calling me from jail....I dont know why he called me out of everybody...he wanted me to call his grandfather but why did he call me he has other friends and family. He doesnt have anything to do with his dad or his mom really. His grandparents raised him but his grandfather had an affair on his grandmother...i thought maybe since he was rasied around it he doesnt have any respect for girls. I dont know but what can i say to him to make him love me? How do i get him? Does he love me? Please help....God Bless!!!

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