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Well the story is:

Im 19 and at uni at the moment, i met a great guy, hes 26, on my course and we started going out 3 months ago. everything was great, we had so much fun but when we went home for our end of term holiday we didnt even meet up or hardly speak, when we came back things were really weird between us, we hardly touched or had anything to say to each other. Now normally this would be okay, you know, you go off each other and life goes on - but this isnt like that. you see his mother died in september and he is still grieving really badly, i mean god knows i would be aswell, but we were so good when we got together. now he is depressed all the time and i want to be with him and support him as much as i can but we have now broken up because he says he cant handle a relationship right now, which is fair enough, but i just keep crying all the time and thinking what i could have done to help and keep us together. it would be so much easier if he had cheated on me then i could hate him but i still care for him and i know he still cares for me. i just dont know if there is a chance for us again in the future, i mean its not like im going to go out and find someone straight away or anything, i am just so worried about him now im not with him so much, aaaghhhh what to do! LOL!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,



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