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This is related to another post of mine, titled "Depressed". To sum it up, I asked out this girl I like at my school, but she said no because she had a boyfriend. But the big thing for me is that she said she WOULD have gone out with me if she didn't have a boyfriend. This is a big deal for me because EVERY girl that I have ever asked out in the past has said "no". But NONE of them have ever showed any interest like this one. So to me, this was a big change.

Ever since this occurence, I am having anxiety-related symptoms whenever I am alone. I just feel really uneasy and slightly depressed. I'm always thinking "why this? why that?". After all the other rejections, its just been depression, but never a feeling like this. It's really bad when I'm alone. So, I always want to be around other people. Maybe because I'm not thinking about it as much? Another point to mention is that I'm done school for 4 full months. I think this is significant because I probably won't get another chance at any girl until school starts again. Another point is that I'm turning 20 years old in 3 months, and have never really had a real girlfriend, so there is a lot of pressure there. My experience with dating is starting to make me think that maybe I'm destined to be alone... Please don't tell me that I'll find somone else soon because I won't. For the past 5 years, its been 5 straight rejections.

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