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[QUOTE=dirrtyblonde07]ok, i like this guy name Alex who sits behind me in my geometry class. He's really cute and he's seventeen (I'm 15) but thats beside the point lol. See, I can't tell if he likes me...usually I'm pretty good at figuring this kinda stuff out but either he's really tricky to read or I'm just too head-over-heels for him. I was reading a post about how to tell if a guy likes you, and Will M put stuff like he's shy around the girls. Well, he's definitly not shy, but he always talks to me. Even when he didnt sit by me he came over to talk to me, and he's never derogatory towards me or anything. He is also one of the few guys who doesn't slap my *** or try to touch me sexually, other than putting his arms around my waist when I was sitting in his lap one time. He always compliments me alot tho, like telling me I have a great body nice lips, eyes, butt, boobs, leg, etc.... Lately I've noticed some of the guys sayin stuff like "Oh Alex is pimpin her" or "Alex is tryin to get some play" but he just laughs, shrugs, and says he respects me and whatever I want to do with him sexually or otherwise is my desicion and he would never pressure me into anything. The first day he saw me he told me I was hot. (Ive knwon him since the beginning of the year btw.) We are seriously always flirting, and sex is one of our main topics. Sometimes he says **** in Spanish to some other guys and I can't understand but they all look at me and laugh and nod, and he looks at me with this great smile and magic like dancing in his eyes. Today he said to me "WHy are you all dressed up" and im like im not and hes all "yeah u are, u smell all good and **** and ur wearing red lipstick. you look really nice." and I was like ok but i'm not thanks, and he just laughed. I'm so confused!! He could just be...i dunnno...overlyfriendly? advice and opinions plz[/QUOTE]

Well yeah, I'm shy, but everyone's different, but I wouldn't go so far to say that he respects you. Sure, it's good he doesn't harrass you, but speaking in another language, and judging by him and his friends reactions, it's probably something you wouldn't want him saying, and could be disrespectful. Make sure you really know who this guy is before making a decision. Do not get manipulated by looks. He may be ugly on the inside.

I know it's "beside the point," but another thing you should think about is age. Two years may not be far apart when your adults, but when your a teen, your maturity levels are far away from eachother, even by just a couple of years.

I'm around your age, I just turned 16, and there are kids like that at my school. I can tell you that the kids who act like he does, usually want to get into someone's pants[i](remember, do not get manipulated by looks, you'll regret it big time)[/i], so watch out and be carefull. But like I said, see who he [i]really[/i] is, and look beyond looks. He could be a good guy, I don't know him, but use your best judgement, and be independent. Remember, we're young, we have LOTS of time left in our lives, and there is plenty of time for a relationship. Don't rush yourself. Go at your own pace.

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