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Re: I need her!
May 11, 2004
try explaining that to her friends!! one of her friends want us to brake up anyway. jus for the simple reson that she generely hates me. she told my girlfriend she hopes i die, i know thats a harsh thing to say. but my girlfriend is kind of falling away from her if you know what i mean, its not the case of me interfereing with their friendship, its the fact that her friend hates me and this was a field-day for her!! the perfect oppertunity for her to brake up with me. the best thing is my girlfriends sister likes me and defended me. its very complicated.
the girl that hates me has a big enough influence on my girlfriend, she always says how bad i am, my girlfriend ignores that coz i really dont think im a bad person to her or her friends (not being big headed) anyway, she tells my girlfriend not to tell me anything she says about me... as in, she would say 'your boyfriend is a fool, i hope he dies' and says not to tell me. thats a problem becasue i cant approach her and ask her whats bothering her that i do, becasue im not supposed to know she said anything! am i after confusing you??
if not, please reply!!! now im starting to hate her friend!!!

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